Tips for raising young calves after birth

نصائح لتربية العجول الصغيره بعد الولاده


There are those who recommend that the calf should be separated from its mother as soon as possible after birth

And there are those who recommend leaving the calf to suckle the sarsop from its mother

 Which of the two recommendations is better?

 It is not easy for breeders with one or two animals to isolate a calf from its mother

In the case of senior educators, it is recommended to isolate the calf immediately after birth

For several benefits, the most important

We avoid that the calf suckles at a time when the udder is dirty, and the microbes are transmitted directly to the infant.

 In the case of breastfeeding, we may not notice mastitis in animals until after it has developed into a condition that is difficult to treat and may cause some diseases to the infant, such as: diarrhea and catarrh.

And we may not be able, in the case of breastfeeding, also to assess the amount of milk “especially in local cows,” which may not meet the needs of the calf, especially in the sick cases of the mother.

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