The duration of pregnancy in animals

مدة الحمل عند الحيوانات


The duration of pregnancy in different Persian animals is 11.5 months

The ass is 12 months old

The cow is 9.5 or 9 months and 10 days The camel is 12-13 months old

** Sheep and goats 5-6 months

The sow is 3 months, 3 weeks and 3 days old

The lioness is 3.5 months old

bitch 62 days

The cat is 2 months old

Hare 30 days

The female giraffe is 15 months old

Pisces female 465 days

Female elephant 19-22 months

Female fox 7 weeks

A female wolf is like a bitch

Female seal 240 days

Hen 21 days (incubation)

Goose and duck 30-35 days

Dove 17 - 19 days

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