IODINE-75 1Liter

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Price and specifications of Iodin-75

  • Iodine-75 is an iodine solution, used to treat skin problems.
  • Iodine-75 is also used to disinfect wounds and in the sterilization process.

Dosage and method of use of Iodin-75

  • Do not use it after the liquid becomes clear or yellow.
  • Not for use on sensitive animals.
  • Do not use with antibiotic medications or probiotic products.
  • Dosage for daily farm spraying: 1:1000-2000 diluted.
  • Dosage for outbreak periods: 1:600-800 dilution.
  • Dosage for poultry drinking water disinfectant: 1:2000-3000 dilution.
  • Dosage for animal skin lotion: 1:50-100 diluted.


  • Store Iodin-75 in a place away from light.
  • Store it at a temperature between 0-30°C.
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