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AMINO-B-PLEX 1KG - Shopivet.com


68.25 د.إ.
Amino B-Plex price and specifications Amino B-Plex is a mixture of vitamins, amino acids, and important minerals. Amino B-Plex provides the body with the protein and vitamins necessary for the...
BUTAZONE Cream 250 g - Shopivet.com

BUTAZONE Cream 250 g

57.75 د.إ.
Betazone price and specifications Butazone is an anti-inflammatory cream in horses, camels, and cattle. Dosage and method of use of Betazone Dosage for horses and camels: Apply a generous amount...
Camsol 250ml - Shopivet.com

Camsol 250ml

36.75 د.إ.
Camsol price and specifications Camsol is an effective formulation that imparts a soothing effect on the irritated mucous membrane affected by coughing in the respiratory tract of animals. Camsol also...
DURALYTE 500 ml - Shopivet.com


47.25 د.إ.
Duralite price and specifications  Duralite is a combination of vitamins, amino acids, and mineral salts. Duralite to treat cases of dehydration, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and diarrhea. Duralite also supports...
LYTE C 80 g - Shopivet.com

LYTE C 80 g

26.25 د.إ.
Lite C price and specifications Light C is a vitamin mixture. Light C is used to treat mineral imbalances within the body. Light C is also used to treat gastrointestinal...
Oxzine 18.5% 32.5g - Shopivet.com

Oxzine 18.5% 32.5g

36.75 د.إ.
Price and specifications of Oxzine juicer Oxygen injection is a broad-spectrum anthelmintic. Oxygen extract for the treatment and control of adult intestinal worms and their larvae. Oxzyn is used in...
Ruminodigest Antacid - Shopivet.com

Ruminodigest Antacid

47.25 د.إ.
Rominodigest hntacid price and specifications  Rominodigest Antacid is an antacid. RominoDigest Antacid supports recovery from ruminal acidosis after excessive consumption of grains or fast-fermenting carbohydrates. Dosage and method of use...
T 500 injection 100ml - Shopivet.com

T 500 Vitamin B1 jaapharm 100ml

73.50 د.إ.
T500 price and specifications  T500 solution for injection is used in cases of vitamin B1 deficiency. T500 is used on cattle, horses, and camels. Dosage and method of use of...
TOXILAX 450 g - Shopivet.com


26.25 د.إ.
Price and specifications of Toxilax Toxilax is a powerful powder, very effective for preventing constipation. Toxilax is a treatment for digestive problems and indigestion. Toxilax works as an antidote to...
VITAMIN AD3E 1liter - Shopivet.com


84.00 د.إ.
Price and specifications of Vitamin A D3 E  Vitamin A D3 E is used to support the animal's body. Vitamin A, D3, E are also used to treat cases of...