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Biotalg 500g -

Bio tallow (Biotin) 500g

104.50 د.إ. 82.50 د.إ.
Biotalge price and specifications Excellent Biotalg based on biotin for hoof growth. Provides biotin in high concentration to stimulate rapid, uniform growth of nails, which is indispensable in growth disorders...
Ca / P / Mg Lamons 1kg -

Ca / P / Mg Lamons 1kg

55.00 د.إ. 49.50 د.إ.
Price and specifications of Calcium / Phosphorus / Magnesium Lamone A nutritional supplement containing calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium. It is used to maintain bone health and growth. It is used...
Cell Boost 1gallon -

Cell Boost 1gallon

176.00 د.إ. 165.00 د.إ.
Cell Post price and specifications Nutritional supplement for horses  It contains the minerals, vitamins and nutrients necessary to maintain the health of horses, increase their weight, and strengthen immunity. It...
Equest Oral Gel -

Equest Oral Gel

82.50 د.إ. 60.50 د.إ.
Price and specifications of Acquest - An effective anti-parasitic for horses   Equeste is an antiparasitic effective against a wide range of internal parasites of horses, ponies, mares and foals.  Equist...
Esvex 100ml -

Esvex 100ml

55.00 د.إ. 44.00 د.إ.
Isfix price and specifications Isfix is ​​a nutritional supplement that contains vitamin E and selenium. Isfix is ​​used in the prevention and treatment of diseases associated with vitamin E and...
Feline Health Nutrition Kitten 2 KG -

Feline Health Nutrition Kitten 2 KG

126.50 د.إ. 110.00 د.إ.
Price and specifications of Royal Canin kitten food Royal Canin is a food for kittens, consisting of small, easy-to-chew pieces that cats instinctively prefer. Royal Canin supports the basic needs...
Halo injection 6ml -

Halo injection for Joints (Hyaluronic Acid) 6ml

308.00 د.إ. 220.00 د.إ.
Price and specifications of Halo injection Ceva Contains: 6 ml sodium hyaluronate 10 mg/mlSodium hyaluronate, the sodium salt of hyaluronic acid (HA), is a non-sulfated glycosaminoglycan (GAG) that is found...
ilium Topigen Suspension 20ml -

ilium Topigen Suspension 20ml

82.50 د.إ. 66.00 د.إ.
Price and specifications of Ilium Tubegen are pending Ilium tubogen is an antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antipruritic, oil suspension for dogs and cats.  For use in sensitive skin and ear infections requiring...
Komidocarb 10ml -

Komidocarb 10ml

38.50 د.إ. 22.00 د.إ.
Price and specifications of Comedocarb  Comedocarb is an injection solution that contains imidocarb. Comedocarb is an antiparasitic. Comedocarb is used to treat the blood parasites babesiosis and anaplasma in animals....
Liverpak 100 1Liter -

Liverpak 100 1Liter

214.50 د.إ. 198.00 د.إ.
Price and specifications of the lever pack Liverback is used to support liver function, and to support the reduction of blood enzymes. Liverback is also used to support increased blood...
Multivitamin drops 20 ml -

Multivitamin drops 20 ml

22.00 د.إ. 11.00 د.إ.
Multivitamin price and specifications  Multivitamin is a nutritional supplement that contains a group of vitamins and amino acids necessary for the body. Multivitamin helps support the body for optimal growth....
PHOSRETIC 100 gm -


27.50 د.إ. 22.00 د.إ.
Price and specifications of Fosrytec tonic for the liver and kidney dialysis  Fosritec liver and kidney tonic is ethanol ß amino phosphoric acid (10 g) sodium benzoate (10 g)  Fosrytec...
Ranitidina 30ml -

Ranitidina Antiemetic 30ml

66.00 د.إ. 44.00 د.إ.
Price and specifications of Ranitidina Ranitidine is an antacid and antiemetic. Ranitidine is used for gastrointestinal disorders. Add it to your cart now
Sodium Bicarb 8.4% 250ml⁩ -

Sodium Bicarb 8.4% 250ml⁩

55.00 د.إ. 44.00 د.إ.
Price and specifications of sodium bicarb 8.4% Sodium Bicarb is a solution of sodium bicarbonate. Sodium bicarb is used to reduce blood acidity. Dosage and method of use of sodium...
Superamino c 100ml -

Superamino c 100ml

55.00 د.إ. 44.00 د.إ.
Price and specifications of Super Amino C Super Amino C is a high source of amino acids, glucose, and vitamins. Super Amino C is used in cases of severe diarrhea,...
Superpirin 1kg -

Superpirin Vitamin C + Acetyl Salicylic acid 1kg

71.50 د.إ. 44.00 د.إ.
Superbrain price and specifications Superbrain is an analgesic and antipyretic. Superbrain contains Vitamin C and Aspirin. Superbrain is used in cows, calves and poultry. Dosage and method of use of...
Teknosol-B12 100 ml -

Teknosol-B12 100 ml

55.00 د.إ. 44.00 د.إ.
Price and specifications of Technosol B12 Technosol B12 is an injectable vitamin solution. Technosol B12 is used to treat phosphorus deficiency in cattle, sheep, goats, cats, and dogs. Technosol B12...
TrizCHLOR Flush 118ml -

TrizCHLOR Flush 118ml

99.00 د.إ. 66.00 د.إ.
Trichlor price and specifications Trichlor wash and detergent for cats and dogs. Trichlor antimicrobial contains 0.15% chlorhexidine. Trichlor is a multi-use cleaning product that is effective in removing foreign particles...
Vidavit complex 250 ml -

Vidavit complex 250 ml

71.50 د.إ. 44.00 د.إ.
Price and specifications of Vidavit Complex Vidavit Complex is a nutritional supplement, containing vitamins, minerals, and mineral salts.   Vidavit Complex is used in sheep, goats, cattle, poultry and rabbits. Vidavat...
VITA PLUS 100g -

VITA PLUS (Mixture of complete Vitamins) 100g

16.50 د.إ. 5.50 د.إ.
Vita Plus price and specifications  Vita Plus is a nutritional supplement containing vitamins and amino acids that are essential for physiological functions. Vita Plus helps extend the production period, improve...