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Once; I made homemade food with a strong, strong smell and my pet cat was meowing and saying, "Hey, my favorite human, this Food sure smells good... can I have some?" This is what concerns many people.

So; Veterinarians should tell pet owners, “Although cats may like some home-cooked, protein-containing meals cooked a certain way, they cannot replace high-quality, commercially available, nutritionally complete cat food.”

You, educator, must search for Best cat food cannifors Or something similar.

What is the best type of food for cats?

Studies throughout the ages have been searching for a way to package the required nutrients in an attractive way, and for Best cat food cannifors And similar foods.

There are many types of foods that pets eat, including:

  • Dry Food .
  • Semi-moist food.
  • Wet food.

Dry Food 

Dry cat food is made by mixing the ingredients well, drying it using various cooking methods, and then shaping it into the appropriate and desired size and shape.

Dry cat food contains:

  • High amount of carbohydrates.
  • Its taste is unpalatable compared to wet.
  • Whole grains, including husks or stalks, in order to increase the size of the product.

Although the price of dry cat Food is affordable and very cheap, some breeders do not prefer it or prepare it. Best food for cats canephores, and cats also do not like it because:

-Contains low-quality carbohydrates and fats.

-It tastes like biscuits in the mouth.

It is also not recommended for cats that suffer from pain in the gums, teeth, or mouth in general.

Semi-moist food

Semi-moist cat Food consists of pieces of meat in broth, and high-end semi-moist cat food is nutritious and beneficial, but there are some products that contain many ingredients of unknown nutrients and preservatives that make them less valuable and less useful.

The protein contained in them is often not real meat, but rather vegetable soybeans.

Semi-moist foods also contain:

  • Guar gum.
  • Cassia gum.
  • Kappa carrageenan.

Gelling agents form in the product, which does not allow the true ingredients of the product to be identified.

Wet food

Wet cat food has a reputation as the most acceptable among cats, and examples include: Best cat food cannifors And all similar products.

Wet cat Food is usually canned and includes the following:

  • Meat in broth or jelly.
  • Fish flakes in gravy.
  • Minced meat.
  • Soft pate.

But you have to be careful when buying; Because cheap canned foods often contain high levels of simple carbohydrates (sugar), which are introduced during the cooking process and make Food look better to the buyer but are not healthy for your cat.

And anyway; Whatever type of cat food you choose, you need to know which food is best  for your cats.

4 tips for choosing the best canned food for your cat

Although the controversy still continues between... Best food for cats Cannivores or dry Food , but what is more important is choosing a food that is appropriate for the needs of cats, and here are some tips that you can take into consideration:

1. Choose food appropriate for the cat’s age

The nutritional needs of the pet change according to the age stage. Cats are considered small until they reach the age of 12 months, and adults from one to seven years, and they are large if they are more than seven years old.

As for young kittens, they need proteins and fatty acids because they are important during growth, but the amount that your cat needs decreases with age.

As for older cats, you need to monitor weight gain because lower activity levels mean obesity is more serious.

2.  Complete, balanced food

A food whose main ingredients Menu contains animal protein, vitamins and elements, and some fats, and does not include indecipherable or long scientific names whose contents are difficult to know..

Such as: the best cat food is Cannifors, Cat Flex Patty، Veto for cats، Fito dog can pate، Princess Maintenance، catflix patty.

3.  Do not over serve meals

Veterinarians have indicated that obesity is a serious problem, so do not over-pamper your pet by providing him with meals that suffice his basic needs of nutrients.

4.  Vegetables should be served with caution

It is known that cats are carnivores, so it is not natural to switch entirely to vegetarian diets, because the cat needs amino acids, the most important of which is taurine.

You may have a complete vegetarian diet, but it is difficult and needs to be discussed with your veterinarian first before implementing it to avoid any imbalance.

The best types of wet cat food

There are many types of wet cat food, including:

  • Best cat food cannifors 

It is special because it contains 100% natural ingredients, free of added colors and preservatives. 

Looks like Best cat food cannifors It's also a grain-free, preservative-free cat food, available in natural flavors and made with real meat.

This type of canned Food is characterized by the fact that it can be mixed with dry Food , and it is complete, balanced, and beneficial to the health of the pet’s body.

It is a balanced wet food that contains all the nutrients and is most suitable for dogs.

Available in a variety of flavours, Princess Maintenance is intended for adult cats, with a strong immune system and good digestion.

Catflex Patty is a complete and balanced food for all life stages like the best Canniforms cat food.

Frequently asked questions about cat food

There are many questions about cat food, but here are some clarifications:

How do I know if a cat is hungry?

When she meows, turns around the empty Food dish or smells your food.

How often do cats eat wet food?

You eat wet Food daily, because it is considered an easy, palatable and more digestible food than other foods.

How do I store wet Food for cats?

After use, close the box well and place it in the refrigerator until used, but it is preferable to use it within two days of opening.

What are the main ingredients in Cannifors cat food?

The best Cannifors cat food contains a basic protein source such as: (chicken, fish, duck, or beef) that is easy to digest and rich in essential amino acids, which support muscle and joint health, and contains Omega 3 oil that is beneficial for hair and heart health, as well as moisturizing substances that give the pet strength And activity.

Is Cannifors cat food suitable for all types of cats?

Yes, it is available in types such as:

Cannifors for cats It is suitable for all stages

Cannifors for kittens Food suitable for the growth of the body of small cats, as it contains all the basic ingredients.

Milk cannifors For cats Suitable for both small and large cats and also contains integrated elements.   

Does Cannifors cat food meet the daily nutritional needs of cats?

Yes; It is considered a main meal that provides all the nutritional needs necessary to build the body.


The best food for cats is the one whose main ingredients Menu contains animal protein, vitamins and elements, and some fats, and does not include indecipherable or long scientific names whose contents are difficult to know..

Example: The best cat food Cannifors، Cat Flex Patty، Veto for cats، Fito dog can pate، Princess Maintenance، catflix patty.


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