Diarrhoea in the birth of sheep and its common causes

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The problem of diarrhea in newborn sheep is one of the common problems and diseases of the flock of sheep, and the causes of diarrhea vary according to the cause. 

Natural causes

It is diarrhea due to excessive drinking Milk Excess and diarrhea also occurs at the beginning of eating coarse fodder, and this is normal diarrhea with no fear, especially if the little one is playing and having fun without lethargy or laziness.

But one of the secondary things that may happen as a result of diarrhea is the gathering of flies on the back area, from which worms are formed, and this causes disease for the little one. Also, the large accumulation of dirt on the exit may cause its blockage and from it cause problems for the little one, so the back area must be cleaned of any adhering dirt.

Pathological diarrhea 

Diarrhea is due to

 Infection with viruses or bacteria that cause diarrhea, and here the shape and texture of diarrhea changes, and the diarrhea has a color that tends to yellowish and has an unpleasant smell.

Parasitic causes are often caused by infection with coccidia parasites, and here the diarrhea is sometimes bloody and tends to a dark black color. Among the things that help the occurrence of coccidia infection is the poor quality of the halal place and the accumulation of dirt in it for a long time, which gives an opportunity for parasites and germs to multiply in it. Therefore, the sheep’s place mattress must be changed once a year. at least.

Other causes of diarrhea indirectly

: include the following

Crowd and small space

 Malnutrition (indirect cause by mothers)

 stressful factors

 Seasons change.

Transport from one place to another

 weaning period;

The causes of diarrhea are many, and knowing the cause is the first path to correct and satisfactory treatment for the educator and beneficial for the patient.

Therefore, treatment with antibiotics may not be enough, and the body must be replaced with lost salts, knowing the main cause of diarrhea

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