Lead poisoning in the falcon

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Lead poisoning: It is one of the most common types of lead poisoning Falcon , because of that Falcon shot 

The first reason is by catching Falcon with a gun, resulting in a non-fatal injury And the bullets remain inside her body

The second reason is the result of feeding Falcon on birds or Rodents Trapped with a gun that has bullets in its body


Pathological symptoms

Weakness, ataxia, and emaciation of the injured falconunderweight, Anorexia, Irregular movement, trembling of the head, moving in a circular motion, blindness of the eyes, convulsions and paralysis of the legs and wings.


In many cases, the bullet can be removed by surgical intervention if the surgery does not cause greater harm or risk to the life of the bird

In the event that the bullet is present in the crop or stomach, a lavage operation can be performed to extract the bullet.

It is also possible to facilitate the excretion of lead in the pellets or in the feces by giving fibrous materials (such as feathers) or by giving paraffin oil.

In general, it is preferable to give glucose, nutritious fluids, and vitamins to infected falcons   

Also available in veterinary hospitals many drugs that work to reduce the level of lead in the blood

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