Worms in pets

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One of the most important diseases common in pets is helminth infection.
Worms are very dangerous for pets, as they cause weakness, emaciation, diarrhea, vomiting, and hair loss.

The danger of worms is not limited to their threat to animal health only, but they also threaten human health as well. This is because it is transmitted to humans indirectly through contamination Food with the infective phase of these worms, which succeed in infecting humans and causing many diseases.

One of the most important parasitic worms is Toxocara

  • Toxocara cati infects cats
  • Toxocara canis infects dogs

They are medium-sized roundworms that live in the small intestine of cats and dogs and sometimes migrate to different parts of the body.

Methods of infection 


  • By accidentally swallowing the eggs after the embryo develops inside them to the second larvae stage.
  • The oocyst can withstand environmental conditions for several months and still be a source of infection.

Life role of Toxocara worms


  • The eggs emerge from the feces of the infected organism, and the embryo develops inside them to develop into the second larval stage
  • When uninfected animals swallow this egg, it hatches and the larvae emerge from it in the small intestine

As for other mammalian organisms that do not constitute the primary host for these worms, when the egg hatches and the larvae emerge from it, they penetrate the intestinal wall, migrate to different places in the body and form vesicles in various places, such as:

Muscles, brain, lungs, liver, kidneys, and eyes, causing general weakness and severe inflammation, as they may cause inflammation of the eyes and can lead to blindness.

Also one of the most important worms spread in pets is dipylodium caninum
They are tapeworms that infect humans and animals

The life cycle of these worms 


  • Adult worms in the intestines of the infected organism release eggs that are excreted in the stool
  • The larval stages of the flea swallow these eggs
  • The infective stage, which is the cysticercoid, develops inside it

Fleas are insects that infect dogs and cats and contain the infective phase of the worm.

How to treat worms in pets?

There are several medications to treat worms

1-caniverm tablets

Fish-scented tablets for easy administration to animals. The dosage is one tablet per 2 kilograms


  • The animal must fast two hours before the medication and two hours after the medication.
  • The dose is one tablet per 10 kilograms

3-troy puppy &kitten worm syrup

  • Syrup for easy dose control for small animals
  • The dosage is one point per kilogram

4-tenizol tablets

  • The dose is one tablet per 10 kg


  • The dose is one tablet per 10 kg
  • It is distinguished by the fact that it is not necessary for the animal to be fasting before or after the dose

6-fenbenol paste

  • Graduated syringe
  • The dose is half a milliliter per kilogram


  • It is available in 5 sizes. The required size of the medicine is determined according to the age and weight of the animal
  • It is a chewable tablet with the preferred meat flavor for animals, so it is easy to give to animals
  • This medicine not only works on worms, but it also works on getting rid of external animal insects such as ticks, fleas, and also the mites that cause scabies.
  • This medicine is considered safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • It gives the animal immunity for Month
  • Meaning that we should repeat the dose monthly


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