What are the signs of disease in your cow?

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In the normal and natural cases that we observe, the cows spend their day in their barn in three cases

 Standing at the feeder and eating normally and laying well 

 Standing at the water basin and drinking

Sitting and cuddling at a normal rate and sound ballet 

If she is standing at the trough and not eating, then she is not normal

Or at the bar and do not drink, it is not normal

If she sits and does not ruminate, it is not normal

In the three cases, monitor the cow, its performance, and its values, and make sure that it is a normal performance that does not require a doctor's review

There are important signs that must be checked

You may find a cow eating alone, but if you find all the cows eating while they did not eat, then it is abnormal and deserves to be monitored.

 If the cow moves away from its peers and sits far from them, it must be monitored and examined

Learn the natural sitting of cows, as they usually do not put their head on the ground or on their side, so if they do, they deserve to be monitored and examined

 Cows get used to it Milk And his appointments, and you find them waiting for him, and in the high-production cows, you find them going to the doors of the barns waiting for milking, and he may come down from them Milk If he is late

Cows do not make sounds except for hunger or fear, and they interact with any strange thing that enters their barn or living space.

 Cows do not walk with a humped back or low head unless they suffer from pain in walking

The physical condition of the cows is explained in three conditions depending on the number of days Milk And the density of nutritional diets and the amount of dry matter eaten

A newborn produces more than it eats, and loses weight until it regains energy balance

 When balanced in production and nutrition, it regains its weight and reaches a normal rate

 If production decreases and what he eats increases, he increases in weight, and this usually occurs at the end of the milk season

 Sudden decrease in production is an important sign of emergency cow disease, so the milk of each cow should be monitored daily

There is much written on this topic

The nature of cows may vary from one farm to another

Each farm, and according to the method of its care, the cows differ in their behavior, you may need to monitor them

Learn what cows say so that their voice reaches you, expressing the quality of their care or your poor care.


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