Good dairy cow specifications

مواصفات البقره الحلوب الجيده -

: Symptoms Health Good for the cash cow

 The cow-breeder who monitors his cows daily makes it easy for him to intervene quickly in the event of any change in their condition or behavior, and therefore resorting to the veterinarian early to ensure their treatment 

Characteristics of a healthy cow: An alert and active cow that directs its head towards any movement around it. 

 A healthy cow can stand on its four legs and walk easily, without hesitation, and with natural steps 

Cow skin: The skin of a healthy cow is bright and smooth, and she licks it sometimes

The eye: it shines and does not shed tears, and the color of its inner eyelid is pink

The mouth of the cow: a pink color inside the lips, and not much saliva comes out of her mouth

Cow's nose: The nose area is moist and shiny, and sometimes the cow passes its tongue over it

As for the symptoms of the sick cow, it begins to appear when the cow is isolated from the rest of the herd, and it is observed that she sits for a long time in the same place with her reluctance to eat. The sick cow makes some unusual movements, such as looking several times at her back side or kicking her stomach

A change in the color of the urine or the emergence of difficulty in urinating is evidence of a defect in the health of the cow

Dung: It should be coherent and not too liquid or too solid, and there should be no undigested grains in it

Breathing: The cow's breathing should be calm and regular, and its rhythm should increase whenever the weather is hot. If the cow is resting in the shade, no movement should appear in the chest cage.

Milk: It should be white and clear with blood in it Milk Sign of udder injury. Having it when touched means she has an infection 

Symptoms of pain: The cow arches her back in order to relieve any pain she has. Frequent cow screaming is an expression of pain as well 

A cow inserting its tail between its legs indicates that it is sick, afraid, or that it feels cold

The normal temperature in a cow: 38.5 degrees Celsius 


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