We're above the ketchetts in the little ages and their causes

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The problem of chick mortality is a great challenge for breeders and it can lead to huge losses that may kill the breeder. Therefore, in this article we review what are the reasons for chick mortality in order to raise awareness of breeders and take the necessary caution and precautions to avoid the occurrence of this problem. 

Omphalitis and yolk sac infection. This infection appears in the form of infections in the navel area (abdominal bulges), inflammation of the yolk sac and delay in its absorption, which leads to weak chick and early death. 

Yolk sac infection and omphalitis are non-communicable bacterial diseases and are classified as non-communicable diseases 

Because it is not transmitted from one infected bird to another, as the infection takes place mainly in the hatching rooms 

How is omphalitis diagnosed? 

: of the most important indications 

It is the appearance of the disease immediately after the arrival of the chicks during the first days

Chicks are lethargic and do not tend to move

and not active

The eyes are not bright

 Looking at the abdominal region, it is noted that there is moisture around the navel and flatulence

Birds tend to congregate around the fireplace

In order to treat birds with navel infection, it is recommended to use a broad-spectrum antibiotic during the first five days of the chicks' life 

Treatment may not work, and it is preferable to take only preventive measures 

1) Purchase chicks from reliable and infection-free sources

2) Eggs intended for hatching must be cleaned, washed and sterilized

3) Cleaning the hatcheries

4) Chicks reception areas must be free of pollution


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