What are the steps that the educator should take when the disease appears in Pigeons ?

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isolation Pigeons patient about Pigeons proper

Giving the sick pigeons the appropriate treatment after knowing the type and cause of the disease

Giving sick pigeons a variety of vitamins to replace what was lost during the period of illness.

If the sick pigeon is an egg incubator or a breeder of chicks, it must be isolated and taken to another pigeon so that the disease will not be transmitted to him.

Feed sick pigeons by hand if they are unable to do so on their own so that their health does not deteriorate and they do not die of hunger and thirst.

The patient's bathroom water should be changed every day and vitamins should be added to it to help him recover quickly.

Exposing sick pigeons to indirect sunlight in order for them to recover quickly.

Constantly cleaning and sterilizing isolation cages so that no harmful microbes remain in the bathroom.

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