Types of grain used in horse feed

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- Oats White or black - powder or as it is usually used as an additive for horses that participate in sports competitions as a source of energy

- barley Whole or crushed, it is widely used in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia because it contains energy and its reasonable cost, but it must be used in reasonable quantities, because it ferments easily in the digestive system of horses and may cause colic and stomach ulcers. There is also an old habit that must be discarded, which is to leave the barley soaked in water for an hour before feeding, and this must be avoided

- Maize It is also used to feed horses as a high source of energy. Corn should be used in very moderate quantities, and it is preferable to crush it.

- Wheat : Which is usually presented in the form of bran, which helps the intestines in the process of digestion and metabolism

Bran must be given in a wet form immediately before feeding to avoid fermentation. Bread can also be given very little as a form of reward for the horse.

vegetables and the fruit

Apples and carrots can also be given to horses as a form of treat, but they should be cut into small pieces to avoid choking.

- Dates are also given, and they should be given as a reward only, with the seeds removed from them beforehand


- Such as honey and date molasses, which are used as a source of energy by mixing them with fodder provided to sport horses

Bearing in mind that they are feed additives and should be added in very small quantities

- Sugar cubes can be used as a reward for horses to satisfy them during training or just for fun

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