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Search for Best food for cats It is the step that differentiates one pet from another, because choosing a healthy food appropriate to the age and condition of the animal is what makes it more vibrant, active and bright than its peers.

Researchers in veterinary food science also pointed out that cats are carnivores, but other nutritional elements must be available in their main meals, and they are not limited to meat only.

What is the best food for cats?

Veterinary researchers explained: Best food for cats It is the one that is complete and balanced in terms of basic nutrition for the animal’s health, and the proportion of these elements varies based on the age of the pet. For example: an older cat needs a diet that is lower in terms of calories because it puts in less effort, while a younger cat needs richer food. With energy due to their excessive movement and activity.

The elements required to be present in a pet’s food vary when choosing it, but it must be present:

  • Meat source 

  • “Look for specific sources of meat such as chicken, turkey, beef or fish, and avoid foods with meat by-products or animal digestives, as they usually contain lower quality protein,” says Dr Bethany Hsia, an English veterinarian.

  • Carbohydrates

  • A veterinarian described the amount of carbohydrates that must be present in cat food and that it must contain a low percentage of carbohydrates, preferably less than 10%.

    Also from 

  • Vitamins and nutrients

  •  Nutrition experts advise looking for elements:

    Calcium: Because it is beneficial for bones, teeth, muscles, and ion balance.

    Phosphorus: Very important for energy and cells within the body.

    Vitamin D: which contributes to the balance of calcium and phosphorus in the body.

    Omega 3: Useful in supporting the overall Health of cats, and can be given as a separate supplement.

    • Specific components 

    in general; Products with a limited and specific ingredient Menu indicate high nutritional quality best cat food, Unlike those with a long and difficult Menu .

  • Taurine

  • It is an amino acid, which is essential for the health of cats. It affects the metabolism and storage of nutrients in the body, and a deficiency of taurine may negatively affect the animal, causing:

    • Digestive problems and diarrhea.
    • Growth problems
    • Hair loss.
    • Diabetes 
    • tooth decay.
  • Food form

  • The preferred form Food varies from one cat to another depending on habit, as some prefer dry Food and others prefer wet Food , but wet food is the best food for cats of all, such as: Cannivores food.

  • Age of cats

  • Every cat at a different age has different nutritional needs.

    If you own small cats, you should: to choose Best food for cats Designed for kittens, containing adequate levels of essential nutrients including high-quality protein to support kitten growth and development.

    As for adults, they have slow digestion and food conversion processes, so appropriate foods must be chosen.

    food Cannifors For cats

    Wet food is often considered the most suitable for cats because it is easy to eat and digest. However, if your pet eats dry foods and you want to improve his diet using Canniforms, there is no harm in mixing a tablespoon of it on his food to add high nutritional value to it.

    Because it contains:

    • Crude fiber 0.4% max.
    • Crude protein 9.0% minimum.
    • Crude fat 5.0% minimum.
    • Humidity 82% max.

    Types of Cannifors cat food

    For the health and nutrition of your pet, the producing company has begun to develop in order to make you happy and delight your pet. It has designed Best food for cats Cannivores in 4 flavours:

    • Ducks.
    • Chicken.
    • Beef.
    • Fish, salmon.

    We also have two types of cannivores:

    Cannifors Ingredients for Cats

    Cannifors food is a complete food made from the best available ingredients that can be given to cats because it contains:

    • High-quality pieces of meat (the main ingredient) dipped in broth for the healthy growth of domestic cats, and also added with the necessary nutrients and healthy ingredients.
    • Food also contains distinct flavors depending on your pet’s desire and preference for any of them.
    • It contains the elements, vitamins and minerals necessary to support the immune system.

    Tips for feeding cats using cannivores

    • Can be relied upon Best food for cats Cannifors is a main meal.
    • Clean, fresh water must be available at all times.
    • It is necessary to follow the instructions and directions on the packaging to determine the appropriate amount for each meal.
    • It is preferable to close the package well after opening it and put it in the refrigerator to be used again within 48 hours.
    • It is best to serve cat food at a moderate temperature, neither hot nor cold, so that the animal’s health is not affected.

    How to enhance Cannifors Healthy fur for cats? 

    Cannifors consists mainly of high-quality, valuable protein, easily digestible and rich in amino acids that directly contribute to 95% of the hair and coat of cats and dogs, making it strong and shiny.

    It also contains salmon oil, which is rich in Omega 3, which supports heart, skin and hair health. 

    Is it cat food? Cannifors Suitable for all types of cats?

    Yes; Of course it makes cannivores food Best food for cats Complete, balanced and has all the required elements.

    There are actually many types of cat breeds with different characteristics, but it is good that the basic nutritional requirements, small or large, are the same, and this is what we find available in the Cannifors product .

    Is it cat food? Cannifors Contains natural ingredients?

    Yes; Contains 100% natural ingredients, free of added colors and preservatives.

    This is because its main ingredient is natural meat from fish, beef, chicken, and duck meat.

    It is also manufactured to specifications that match veterinary food standards and quality.

    Is it cat food? Cannifors Meets cats' daily nutritional needs?

    Yes; This is because it contains the most important elements that the cat’s body requires. Whether it is small, it has its own product, or it is large, so a product is available that contains elements suitable for adults.

    The most famous healthy foods for cats

    Plus food Cannifors There are also various products such as: 

    Cat Flex Patty Canned food for cats at all life stages, free of preservatives, also suitable for elderly cats with dental problems or cats with mouth ulcers.

    catflix patty It is a food whose main content is meat and does not contain grains, and is suitable for all stages of a cat’s life

    Princess Maintenance he Best food for cats Adults who have digestive problems. It also works to strengthen the immune system.

    Veto for cats Available in meat, chicken and salmon flavors, it is suitable for all cats and is a balanced food.

    Fito dog can pate A complete wet diet for dogs, available in beef and chicken flavours. It is considered a main meal and can be mixed with dry Food .


    The best food for cats is the one that is complete and balanced in terms of basic nutrition for the animal’s health. The proportion of these elements also varies based on the age of the pet. product has distinguished Cannifors There are two types, one for adults and the other for children.

    There are also other products that have been recommended by some users and are available in the store, such as: Cat Flex Patty، Veto for cats، Fito dog can pate، Princess Maintenance، catflix patty.


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