The best treatment for trypanosomiasis in camels

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Trypanosomiasis threatens about 48 million livestock across an area of 10 million square kilometers, including camels.

Have you noticed a decrease in the production of your camels? Did he appear to be in a state of general weakness? I confirmed that he was infected with trypanosomiasis, so; You, the owner, have to look for... The best treatment for trypanosomiasis in camels.

Trypanosomiasis disease in camels

Although camels are among the most resistant animals to many of the devastating diseases that generally affect livestock, they are affected by many other diseases.

Camel disease (infection with the trypanosomiasis parasite) is one of the most important diseases affecting camels, and it is a disease widely spread in tropical and subtropical regions of the world.

The disease occurs in camels when the tsetse fly, which contains many of the Trypanosoma parasites, bites the skin of the animal.

Wanderlust is transmitted from one animal to another through ticks and other external insects, by transmitting the infection from an infected camel to a healthy one.

After that, it causes many ulcers or inflammations to appear on the camel’s skin, which then enter the lymph nodes and then into the bloodstream and localize in the capillaries and small blood vessels.

It is also a good choice The best treatment for trypanosomiasis in camels And that; Because trypanosomiasis often causes progressive anemia, depression, dullness, and often loss of condition or rapid death.

Symptoms of trypanosomiasis 

Symptoms of trypanosomiasis vary according to several factors, including:

  • Type of animal.
  • Age of the animal.
  • Infectious stage.

The incubation period is often between 1-4 weeks.

Symptoms include:


Analysis of the complete blood count of an affected camel showed that the number of red blood cells was low, as well as the concentration of hemoglobin in the blood. The breeder should pay attention to the herd when he notices this. He must choose The best treatment for trypanosomiasis in camels.


It is normal that when the situation is uncomfortable for the animal, it refrains from eating or eats at lower rates than normal, which leads to miscarriage, and a decrease in the size of the hump.


As a result of the presence of the parasite in the blood of infected camels, the body tries to react by raising the body temperature.

Treatment of trypanosomiasis

May be use The best treatment for trypanosomiasis in camels It alone is effective, but to increase its effectiveness, it must be accompanied by care, which is:

  • Take appropriate concentrations of antitrypanosomiasis medications.
  • Eliminate surrounding insects.
  • Good and adequate nutrition.
  • Treatment of anemia.
  • Good rest.

Treatment of trypanosomiasis with Acipair V

Classify AcePair in On it The best treatment for camel trypanosomiasis This is because it is a solution that is easy to use by injecting its active ingredients under the skin of the affected animal.

It also consists of quinopyramine salts, whether they are:

  • Quinapramine sulfate.

This substance works as an antiparasitic, especially in treating trypanosomiasis in camels, cats, dogs, horses, cows, pigs, and goats. 

  • Quinapyramine chloride.

This salt is a veterinary drug indicated for the treatment or eradication of trypanosome infections in animals and other conditions.

Acepir V and its mechanisms of action in preventing trypanosomiasis

Acebayr V is not only used as a treatment for cases of wanderlust, but is also used by some breeders and doctors to prevent trypanosomiasis in camels, horses, goats, cows and dogs.

The preventive dose is taken every about 3 months.

As for the mechanism of action The best treatment for trypanosomiasis in camels As follows:

  • The quinopyramine salts that make up Aspire V work to reduce and kill the division of trypanosomiasis precursor cells inside the animal's body due to the drug's effect on the DNA inside the parasite, which leads to reducing and inhibiting the activity of the infection and thus gradually alleviating the severity of the symptoms.

What are the benefits of Acepir V for beauty?

  • Prevention of wanderlust disease.
  • Treatment of chronic diarrhea.
  • Suitable for eliminating all types of trypanosoma.
  • Treating trypanosomiasis in many animals, such as camels, cows, goats, and dogs.

Quinapyramine salts are mixed with 15 ml of sterile water ready for injection, and used by subcutaneous injection into the neck or shoulder, at a dose of 1 ml per 40 kg of animal weight.

Are there special tips for the effective use of Acebare V for beauty?

Yes; These tips are:

  • Giving a dose appropriate to the animal’s weight without increasing or decreasing, because increasing the dose may lead to the appearance tags of allergy, including: (excessive sweating, fever, depression, saliva secretions).

But Acebare is in a class The best treatment for trypanosomiasis in camels Because the symptoms of allergy resulting from an overdose can disappear within just half an hour of taking the antihistamine. 

  • Divide the dose into parts so that it is injected into the affected animal’s body in separate places to prevent swelling in those areas.
  • As for a camel or a lactating camel, do not take any medications unless absolutely necessary and under the advice of a veterinarian to prevent any problems.
  • It is not recommended to be given to patients with liver or kidney disease.
  • Caution must be exercised when using it with young animals, as it may cause lung and respiratory problems, as well as stress on the heart muscle.
  • Keep the medicine in a place out of the reach of children, in a dry place, away from sunlight, and in a dark place.
  • Camel meat should not be used until after 21 days, and dairy until 4 days after the last dose.


It is considered one of The best treatment for trypanosomiasis in camels Some people also use it to prevent some blood diseases, such as trypanosomiasis and babesiosis.

It is used by deep intramuscular injection. This medicine contains:

  • Diminazine aceturate 75mg

It is an antifungal, especially trypanosomiasis.

  • Antipyrine 250 mg

It is an anti-inflammatory, pain reliever, and fever reducer.

  • Vitamin B12 0.04 mcg


Tips on using pyroplasmin in camels:

The animal's weight must be measured accurately when choosing pyroplasmin injections in order to obtain the correct dose.

- It is preferable to give it to camels early in the morning.

- It is not recommended to use pyroplasmin in animals that are allergic to it.

- It is best to divide the dose into two halves and take them in two different locations on the body.

- It is taken only when necessary in weaning or lactating animals.

- It is possible to eat the meat of infected livestock 21 days after the last dose, and the milk of goats and sheep after only 7 days.

As for the dose of pyroplasmin, it is:

  • Horses, cattle, goats and sheep: 1 ml / 25 kg live weight.
  • Camels: 1 ml/15 kg live weight.
  • Dogs: 1 ml / 22 kg live weight. 

Evolon Trypanomax

Uses Evolon Trypanomax In the treatment of camel affliction.


Simlarsan The best treatment for trypanosomiasis in camels In chronic cases, its effectiveness has been proven by intramuscular injection at a rate of 0.25 or 0.50 mg/kg of body weight.

Studies also showed that Cymelarsan is safe and did not cause any relapses or deterioration after taking any concentration of its dose.


Habitat disease is very common among camels, so there are several steps to get rid of it, such as:

  • A beneficial diet.
  • Eliminate external insects.
  • Use the best trypanosomiasis treatment for camels, such as: Simlarsan, Piroplasmin, Acipair V, Evolon Trypanomax.


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