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Cymelarsan -


143.00 د.إ.
Price and specifications Cymelarsan injection for camels Cymelarsan injection for camels (French camel injection). Cymelarsan injection for camels consists of the antitrypanosomiasis melarsamine hydrochloride. Cymelarsan solution for camel injection for...
Genta-Dex -


11.00 د.إ.
Genta Dex price and specifications  Genta Dex is an eye drop, which contains gentamycin and dexamethasone. Genta Dex is used in cases of eye inflammation, irritation, swelling, and pain. Dosage...
normal saline 500 ml -

normal saline 500 ml

5.50 د.إ.
Price and specifications of saline solution Saline saline solution is infused into a vein. Saline saline solution is used to treat dehydration and medical conditions. Add it to your cart...
Chan-Eye Pink Eye Ointment -

Chan-Eye Pink Eye Ointment

22.00 د.إ.
Chan-Ai price and specifications Shan-Aye ointment for the treatment of eye diseases and inflammation of the eyes. Dosage and method of use of Shan-Ai  The affected eye is cleaned, and...
Artrivet Forte 100ml -

Artrivit Forte anti-inflammatory for camels and horses

242.00 د.إ.
Price and specifications of Artrivit Forte for camels and horses Artrivit Forte is an anti-inflammatory drug in horses, camels, cats and dogs. Artrivit Forte consists of two main ingredients: dexamethasone...
Ringer lactate 500ml -

Ringer lactate 500ml

5.50 د.إ.
Price and specifications of Ringer's Lactate solution Ringer's Lactate solution is used to compensate the body in cases of dehydration and diarrhea. Warnings Store Ringer's Lactate solution at a temperature...
Amoxi-Tab 40mg 500 Tablets -

Amoxi-Tab 40mg 500 Tablets

82.50 د.إ.
Amoxi Tab price and specifications Amoxitab is an antibiotic for the control of infections in cats and dogs caused by susceptible organisms including infections of the gastrointestinal tract, respiratory tract,...
Ivomec Super 50ml -

Ivomec Super 50ml

115.50 د.إ.
Price and specifications of Evomec Super - combating worms and internal and external parasites for cows and sheep  Evomac Super is a broad-spectrum antiparasitic for the treatment of internal and...
ilium Dermapred 200g -

ilium Dermapred 200g

137.50 د.إ.
Dermabed price and specifications Dermabed is an antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antifungal. Dermabed is also used to treat skin diseases such as eczema, wounds, and burns, and to reduce irritation...
Flambo -


93.50 د.إ.
Flambo price and specifications  Flambo is used to maintain joint flexibility. It is also used to maintain muscles, and prevent muscle tightness and pain after horse racing. Dosage and method...
ZOLYTE 500ml -

ZOLYTE 500ml

49.50 د.إ.
Price and specifications of Zoelite  Zeolite is a mixture of vitamins and amino acids. Zoelite is used as an appetite stimulant and growth stimulant, especially for unfed or weak animals....
Troy vitamin B12 100ml -

Troy vitamin B12 100ml

77.00 د.إ.
Price and specifications of Troy Vitamin B12 Troy is an injection solution that contains vitamin B12. Troy is used to treat cases of anemia and vitamin B12 deficiency. Dosage and...
HimBloat 100ml -

HimBloat 100ml

16.50 د.إ.
Hemplot price and specifications  Hemplot is an anti-sweller that due to its surfactant action, aids in foam consolidation and promotes the escape of trapped gas. Himblot also promotes digestion, correcting...
Vetoquinol Cortamethasone 50 ml -

Vetoquinol Cortamethasone 50 ml

110.00 د.إ.
Cortamethasone price and specifications Cortamethasone solution for injection from the French company Vitoquinol. Cortamethasone works as an anti-inflammatory and pain reliever as it contains dexamethasone at a concentration of 1%....
Aminovit 100 ml -

Aminovit 100 ml

27.50 د.إ.
Aminovit price and specifications  Aminovit is a balanced liquid formula of vitamins, minerals, mineral salts, and important nutrients. Aminovate contains amino acids such as: methionine and lysine, mineral elements such...
Vigest -

Vigest 500ml

66.00 د.إ.
Price and specifications of Vigest Vegest is a mixture of vitamins, amino acids, fatty acids, and important nutrients. Vigest is used as an appetite stimulant and growth stimulant, especially for...
Super Vitamina B12 5500 30 ml -

Super Vitamin B12 5500 30 ml

121.00 د.إ.
Price and specifications of Supervitamin B12 Supervitamin B12 is a nutritional supplement. Contains vitamin B12. Effective in treating anemia, and acts as an appetite stimulant. Dosage and method of use...
Amoxi-Vet 250 Tabs -

Amoxi-Vet 250 Tabs

44.00 د.إ.
Amoxivit price and specifications  Amoxivit is an antibiotic to control infections in dogs and cats caused by sensitive wounds including tract infections, respiratory tract infections, eye and ear infections, and...
Ringer lactate 1000ml -

Ringer lactate 1000ml

11.00 د.إ.
Price and specifications of Ringer's Lactate solution Ringer's Lactate solution is used to compensate the body in cases of dehydration and diarrhea. Add it to your cart now
DOXIN-200 100gm -

DOXIN-200 100gm

33.00 د.إ.
Price and specifications of Doxin-200 Doxin-200 is used to treat gastrointestinal and respiratory infections caused by microorganisms sensitive to tylosin and doxycycline.  Dosage and method of use of Doxin-200 Dosage...