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Scientific veterinary research has proven that more than 150 types of internal parasites can infect horses, but the most common are: strongyloides, ascarids, pinworms, and worms.

 The stomach and intestines are the most affected areas in the body, in addition to migration through other tissues and organs such as: the heart, liver, lungs, and blood vessels.

It has also been proven that infants, young horses, or those who have recently been weaned are most susceptible to infection with Ascaris and pinworms, while other types affect all ages. Also get to know The most effective antiparasitic for horses It is generally essential for effective control. 

Types of parasites in horses

A veterinarian says that internal parasites are silent thieves and killers, because they cause major internal damage without their effects being felt until after a period of time in the animal’s body.

It is necessary to receive The most effective antiparasitic for horses This is because these antibiotics remove parasites from the intestines, thus relieving the treated animal from direct harm or infection caused by the parasites.

The most common types of internal parasites are:

cylindrical flora

Roundworms are called hardworms and sucking worms because they feed on the blood of the animal they parasitize. They also cause severe damage to the blood vessels and mucous membranes, and all of this makes the animal anemic and anemic and also makes it more susceptible to bacterial infections.


Ascaris is a roundworm found in the small intestine. This type of worm or parasite is dangerous for young horses, but does not cause significant damage to older horses over 11 years of age.

And generally receive The most effective antiparasitic for horses It is necessary in this case because the animal becomes infected with ascaris when it eats infected eggs with contaminated feed and water. Then the eggs hatch inside the small intestine into larvae, and these larvae penetrate the intestinal wall, enter the bloodstream, and move to the liver and lungs.


Stomach bots are the larvae of horse bot flies, of which there are more than one species and which differ mainly in location on the horse.

Robot flies are very annoying to horses, making them restless and restless.


Although pinworms are less harmful than other species, they still have to choose The most effective antiparasitic for horses In order not to negatively affect the health of horses and animals in general.

These target worms that are found in the rectum and cause irritation and inflammation in it.

Symptoms of parasites in horses

There are many symptoms that appear on an animal infected with worms, but to determine the type of these parasites, it is necessary to conduct a stool sample examination, and this test is also useful in determining The most effective antiparasitic for horses.

Common signs that appear on the animal include:

  • Young horses grow slowly
  • tags of weakness appear in older horses
  • The coat and hair are coarser than normal.
  • Anemia, manifested by the membranes of the eyes, lips, nose, and tongue being lighter pink than the color of unaffected horses.
  • Diarrhea is a variable sign from one horse to another, but it is a diagnostic sign that is very useful in knowing the stage of the worms present. However, in some horses, as a result of their infection with certain worms, they may suffer from constipation for short periods.
  • Unnatural appetite: Horses may eat tree leaves, wooden poles, leather decorations, or tangled hair. Most likely, this is due to a lack of minerals and nutrients as a result of the parasites absorbing them.
  • Bloating, in the case of infection with Ascaris worms, which causes an abnormally large abdomen, weakness in some muscles, and poor growth, especially in the case of foals.

11 Best Effective Antiparasitic for Horses

Most veterinarians recommended, firstly, the necessity of conducting a worm egg count on the stool sample of infected horses, so that the specialist can prescribe The most effective antiparasitic for horses Through the results shown before him.

Some veterinarians have also determined that late fall, i.e. after severe frosts, is the appropriate time to receive deworming doses.

These effective Medicines are represented in removing parasites that infect animals in:

Equimax Elevation 

This medication is best suited for treating intestinal worms in young horses under two years of age, and is effective in eliminating both tapeworms and threadworms. 

Equest Pramox

Equest Pramox is a juice extractor for treating, eliminating and eliminating intestinal worms. It is also better to use this powerful medication in one separate dose.

Ever Mix Plus

Ever Mix Plus The most effective antiparasitic for horsesThis medicine is easy to use with animals, as it is given orally, and it is also used as a single dose.

Akvalan Dew

Akfalan Duo contains the two most effective substances in eliminating parasites, which are ivermectin and praziquantel. It is also used for the treatment and prevention of tapeworms and roundworms, and in insect prevention.


Equifirm is an oral gel in horses, used to treat and control intestinal nematodes, lungworms and fly larvae that cause myiasis. It also contributes to controlling lice.

Nile edema 

The most effective antiparasitic for horses Especially Internal parasites that infect the digestive system and stomach, and it may be used within a dosing program that is taken every 8 weeks.


Pimectin is an excellent and effective option for treating and controlling a wide range of internal and external parasites of cattle, sheep and pigs. However, it is not recommended for use in lactating or pregnant animals to ensure safety.


It is a broad-spectrum anthelmintic injection, meaning it has a strong effect on several stages of the worm’s life. It is used to combat adult intestinal worms as well as their larvae. It is effective in horses, ponies and camels.


Prepare The most effective antiparasitic for horses Because it is safe to use in pregnant and lactating mares, Equist also works to paralyze and kill parasites through its effect on their nervous systems.


It is an anti-parasitic and has impressive results in eliminating intestinal worms, tapeworms, and nematodes that infect horses and ponies. Panacure juice is characterized by its palatable taste, as it is flavored with apples and cinnamon, which horses love.


It is an injection given orally, and it contains ivermectin, which has a role in treating parasites and worms of all kinds. This product is distinguished by the fact that its quantity is sufficient for a horse weighing about 600 kg.


Although more than 150 types of internal parasites infect horses, the most common are: Strongyloides, Ascarids, Pinworms, and Botella. However, pharmaceutical and laboratory research has found more than one effective solution, which is to find... The most effective antiparasitic for horses


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