Types of colic in horses

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Types of colic in horses

Equine colic is pain in the intestines, and it is a common symptom in horses of digestive problems

Colic has several causes, divided according to their types

The first type - gases (bloat): It is a large gathering of gases inside the intestines. This type occurs because of the sudden difference in the components of the feed, or because of the feeds that are low in the percentage of fiber and high in grains, or eating diets that contain fungus or mold.

Type 2 - bowel obstruction or constipation: It is a blockage of the intestine due to the solidification of stool inside the intestine, and the difficulty of its exit. This is caused by dehydration, severe intestinal worm infestation, or eating foreign materials such as sand or bricks

The third type - torsion or strangulation of the intestine: It occurs due to the wrapping of the intestines around each other, which prevents blood flow to feed the intestines and also prevents the exit of stool. This may happen because the horse suddenly turns violently, or because of repeated births in mares, and sometimes the reason is unknown

Type IV - Infarction in the intestine: It is a blockage in the blood vessels of the intestine due to a clot.

Type V - Inflammation: It is an inflammation of the intestine. It occurs either because of an infectious disease, or because of inflammation of the proton membrane and its transmission to the intestine

Type VI - ulcers: It is an ulcer in the membranes lining the intestines

Type VII - Other causes: The colic may not be related to the digestive system, such as urinary retention, renal colic, or rupture

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