If you're a bird breeder, especially an adult bird, here's some important advice

اذا كنت من مربي الطيور وخاصة طيور الزينه إليك بعض النصائح الهامة - Shopivet.com

If you forget your bird without water, and when you check on it and find it thirsty, do not let it drink until it is quenched, but put a drinker for it to drink two drops of water, then remove it and put a leaf of lettuce or vegetables for it for 5 minutes, then return the drinker for it also two drops as before and remove it, then after 5 minutes put it back

For his health

Note: There are birds when you put some types of medicine in the water, they do not drink, even if this leads to their death, and you know this through the lethargy of the bird and the smallness of its eyes, as it becomes small, so take the initiative to put clean water for it and water it 

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