Mastitis and how to prevent it

التهاب الضرع وكيفية الوقاية منها -
There are some different methods of preventing mastitis diseases, which are as follows 

The use of protectors for the nipple opening and its channel forms a layer that enables, closes and encapsulates the nipple and the nipple channel opening, which hinders the entry of pollutants and germs into the udder

Where mastitis in cows, especially in cows with high production, is one of the most important and most common diseases, and it results in large economic losses represented in 

processing costs

 Decreased or stopped milk production

Loss Milk The healthy one containing the antibiotic from the other uninfected quadrants

The possibility of partial or total cirrhosis of the affected quarter, and thus the loss of the quarter

In some severe cases of mastitis, the cow's follicle or death may occur


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