Worms types, causes and treatment

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The presence of worms, lice and scabies in animals is the most common problem for breeders. The breeder eliminates them periodically and continuously by giving needles or dosing in the mouth or pills periodically every 3 months or 6 months. These are the group with the best health benefits for the animal and economically for the breeder
Infestation of worms
Most worms are in the digestive system, and this is normal, but the loss lies in neglecting them and not reducing their quantity in the stomach. And so that we as educators do not cause a loss in raising costs nutrition Andpharmaceutical And mortality and not obtaining a high return from production when selling Italians. It must be treated and the necessary doses must be provided to eliminate it.
Types of worms
Liver worms infect camels and lead to anemia, emaciation, diarrhea and decreased milk production. The infection is transmitted by eating plants contaminated with the infectious phase.
- Intestinal and gastric worms that infect the stomach and intestines and result in diarrhea, weight loss and loss of appetite
- Lungworms infect the respiratory system and cause coughing, difficulty in breathing, and the appearance of secretions from the nose
Worm treatment
- Syrup (Albendazole, Chelapen, Curazole, Zerofen)
- Tablets (Levosan, Zonex 3000)
- Needles, including hot: (Ivomac Super, Boss) and cold: (Dectomax, Duramic)
General prevention of internal parasites
Do not confuse large and small animals in grazing.
- Use of worm repellents preventively.
Leaving the pastures for a long time helps the eggs die during drought and heat.
Maintaining clean feed and water.
Isolate the infected animal.
Keep animals away from snail breeding areas.
- Elimination of snails using snail pesticides.

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