How to treat iron deficiency in sheep?

كيفية علاج نقص الحديد في الأغنام؟ -

How to treat iron deficiency in sheep? A deficiency in iron levels in the body indicates the occurrence of a phenomenon known as anemia. Iron deficiency generally causes a decrease in the number of red blood cells, a difference in cell size, and a decrease in the amount of hemoglobin.

Animal physiology also demonstrated the importance of red blood cells in transporting oxygen and nutrients to the body's tissues. Once anemia occurs, the cells do not receive enough oxygen or nutrients to survive, so anemia can become a critical or even fatal condition very quickly.

Causes of iron deficiency in calves

Statistics have shown that animals that receive nutritional supplements containing iron have normal iron levels and are less likely to suffer from iron deficiency than other animals that did not take the supplements.

But the good thing is that anemia in farm animals can be treated with easy steps, so you should know How to treat iron deficiency in sheep And animals? Generally.

The causes of iron deficiency in animals can be divided into:

  • Loss of red blood cells 

Bleeding is the most common cause of anemia, and may be caused by wounds, trauma, or infestation by parasites or insects.

  • Destruction of red blood cells 

Red blood cells are renewed every about 80 days, and old cells are removed and replaced with new blood cells made in the bone marrow. However, some infectious diseases can lead to damage and destruction of red blood cells, such as: Babesia and others... Animals can also treat red blood cells as foreign bodies that the body attacks and destroys.

  • Lack of production of red blood cells 

  • This occurs due to a defect in the hormone secreted by the kidneys, which is responsible for stimulating the production of red blood cells.

    Therefore, chronic kidney disease is one of the causes of anemia and iron deficiency, so it is useful to know How to treat iron deficiency in sheep? And other animals.

    What are tags iron deficiency in camels and horses that Indofer may help treat?

    Studies have shown that males have large amounts of red blood cells, while foals tend to have smaller red blood cells. It is the first step in knowing How to treat iron deficiency in sheep? It is the observation of one of these signs on horses, sheep, or cows, which are:

    • Yellowing of the gums.
    • Lack of activity.
    • Poor appetite.
    • Increased breathing rates.
    • Animal depression and isolation.
    • Low blood pressure
    • General weakness of the animal.
    • High heart rates.

    How to treat iron deficiency in sheep?

    How to treat iron deficiency in sheep? According to German animal welfare rules, hemoglobin levels in the blood must be higher than 6 mmol/L to give the body of farm animals an adequate supply of iron.

    There are also many forms of iron medications to be more appropriate to the nature of each animal and its preferences or what helps it receive it easily. These types include:

    Iron ampoules

    Iron needles are the fastest way to treat iron deficiency, as they do not take a long time to raise iron levels in the body and restore activity again. They are also used in emergency cases, for example:


    Endofer is an iron injection for calves, sheep, goats and camels, specifically designed to treat iron deficiency and support overall animal health. It also contains essential vitamins that may be missing in the diet.


    They are intramuscular or subcutaneous injections. They contain vitamin B12 in addition to iron, which are more effective in treating iron deficiency and preventing diseases resulting from it.


    How to treat iron deficiency in sheep? Using excellent Covavir injections to raise the level of iron in the body and treat anemia. As for the dosage, you can consult your veterinarian to determine what is appropriate for your animal.


    It is considered one of the most common needles in the treatment of anemia, because it contains an iron content of approximately 20%, and it treats anemia resulting from bleeding, poisoning, or cases of blood parasites to compensate the body.

    Alfavir 10%

    A solution for intramuscular or subcutaneous injection, effective in cases of anemia that affects calves and cows. The dose in cows: 4-8 ml, while the dose in calves: 3-6 ml.

    Intravir 200 B12

    It is an injectable iron source, to treat cases of iron deficiency, deficiency of vitamins that help absorb iron, and acute anemia in cows and camels. It is prohibited to use this injection with antibiotics to reduce effectiveness.

    Iron syrup medications

    How to treat iron deficiency in sheep? It is possible to use iron syrup medications to treat iron deficiency in sheep, because they are characterized by their taste being palatable to many animals. The drinking solution is sufficient for several times, but it must be kept at certain temperatures in order for it to be usable again.

    Red Seal

    It is a nutritional supplement rich in vitamins, iron and minerals that may not be present in the animal’s diet. It is used in horses and ponies of all ages and has also proven effective in goats.


    To answer for How to treat iron deficiency in sheep? Redplex syrup may come first because it has a high concentration of iron and nutrients. It is also considered an energy drink for horses, and a bottle of it is sufficient for 33 days.

    Pink Seal

    Pink Seal is designed to provide and treat vitamin, mineral and electrolyte deficiencies. It can also be given to the animal mixed with feed, or given as a separate drink. It is an effective syrup for camels, cows and sheep. 

    Cell Post

    A drink that contains iron and copper, which are important in the process of regenerating red blood cells. It also contains vitamin E, which is necessary for eliminating harmful impurities from the body and prolonging the life of the red cell.

    Aaron Bauer

    This drink contributes to the prevention of anemia resulting from iron deficiency, as it contains a high percentage of iron and vitamin B complex. It is also pleasant to taste as it has an apple flavour.

    Powder for oral solution 

    They are bags containing powder that are mixed with Food or placed in a certain amount with water. 

    Hemacam B Plus Powder

    Himakam B Plus Powder contains iron and a group of vitamins such as: Vitamin A, B, C, D, E, B12, B6, and B1. This powder helps in the production of red blood cells, and one package contains 10 sachets.

    Oral Past medications

    A type of Medicines in the form of a juicer, easy to use, such as: 


    If you need to rid your animal of anemia, here is the medicine Errol, which contains iron. It is effective in treating anemia and iron deficiency.

    Micro Aeron

    It is a juice that contains iron, and micro iron helps support the transport of oxygen in the bloodstream. It stimulates horses that are racing strongly.


    How to treat iron deficiency in sheep? 

    The use of Medicines and nutritional supplements that contain iron is the most important means and methods for treating and preventing iron deficiency, the aggravation of which may lead to serious consequences.


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