How do you know your cats are sick and what signs are on them

كيف تعرف ان قططك مريضه وماهي الإشارات التي تظهر عليها -

Hidden signs of cat disease 

Difficulty moving in cats

Cats are considered active animals, so if you notice lethargy or difficulty in jumping at the cat, this may indicate that the cat is sick and feels pain for one reason or another.

 Loss of appetite for long periods

Many cats suffer from anorexia at different stages in their lives, but in the event that your cat is going through normal conditions and began to reduce the amount of food she eats or to cut off food, this may be indications of a disease.

The cat stops licking and grooming itself

Cats are very clean animals. They clean themselves on a daily basis and throughout the day several different times. Therefore, if the cat completely stops cleaning its fur, it may be because it feels pain and illness.

High or low cat meow

One of the signs of cat disease is a noticeable change in its voice for no apparent reason. Cats, when they are sick or in pain, begin to moan loudly and distinctly.

Change in urination and defecation habits

Cats are keen on the cleanliness of the place, and one of the places that are most concerned with its cleanliness is the litter box, but having diseases of the bladder or kidneys may make them stop urinating and using the litter box.

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