Why are cats afraid of water?

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The fact that cats fear water, you must realize that cats are considered among the most sensitive living creatures and concerned with their personal hygiene, as they spend several hours a day taking care of their appearance and personal hygiene, by licking themselves with their tongue to remove dirt and germs from their body

Perhaps we highlight here this information that many are ignorant of, which is that the cat’s tongue contains a huge number of glands that secrete an antiseptic liquid that sterilizes its body without the need for water. This explains what we see of some wounded cats instinctively licking the wound with the aim of sterilizing it until it heals.

Therefore, cats, by nature, were not created to take a bath, and they never accept bathing with water because they are confident in their high degree of cleanliness, as they see in water a strange substance that should not touch their fur, and because it introduces cold and spreads chills in their body, which causes them extreme fear and confusion.

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