What steps should be taken if an abortion occurs on your farm

ماهي الخطوات التي يجب اتباعها اذا حدث اجهاض في مزرعتك - Shopivet.com
When any abortion occurs in the herd, samples must be sent to the laboratory in order to determine the causative agent of the abortion

The causes of abortion in sheep are many, and the most important of them




Knowing the causative agent is very important in order to deal with the disease and other conditions in the herd and for the neighboring breeders who have not started to have abortions

In the event that it is not possible to send samples to the laboratory and determine the causative agent accurately, then a broad-spectrum treatment of the causes of abortion should be carried out by injecting some drugs and disinfecting the farm to avoid infection of the rest of the herd. 

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