Theileria (Abu Saffar)

مرض الثايليريا (ابو صفار) -


Theileria infection is a group of diseases of domestic or wild ruminants caused by parasites of the genus Theileria and transmitted by ticks. This group of diseases is characterized by varying degrees of fever and disorders related to the proliferation of lymphocytes, which are associated with a decrease in white blood cells with / or anemia.

:the reason

A protozoan parasite called Theileria 

This parasite reproduces inside cells, especially red blood cells

Vulnerable animals 

Cattle, buffaloes, sheep, goats and camels


Tears from the eyes + nasal secretions

Accompanied by a darkening of the cornea of the eyes or one of the eyes

Fever and loss of appetite

swollen lymph nodes

Hemorrhagic spots on the mucous membranes of the eyes and mouth

Low rate of milk production

Difficulty breathing and may be accompanied by foamy nasal secretions

In the late stages, bloody diarrhea occurs, and neurological symptoms may appear in the affected buffalo


Tick control with appropriate medications

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