Is your flock suffering from shedding wool?

هل يعاني قطيعك من تساقط الصوف -

Sudden fall of sheep's wool. This problem is considered one of the most important problems facing breeders. Here are the most important reasons  

It may be hereditary or pathological, such as scabies and parasites, or the animal may have previously had severe diarrhea and a lack of vitamins and minerals.

If this disease is hereditary, in this case there is no cure 

But if he is sick, we must treat the cause. In this case, the amount of precipitation requires a laboratory analysis to confirm the infection

If individual, it could be hereditary

If more than one unit can be sensitive to a toxic plant

Or mineral deficiency or internal or external parasites 


Appropriate treatment is used according to the pathogen, and this is often done by giving antibiotics, antiparasitics, ointment for wool germination, and treating nutritional deficiencies if the cause is 

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