Advice for dealing with animals at the beginning of winter

نصائح للتعامل مع الحيوانات مع بداية فصل الشتاء -


With the onset of winter, the animal's need for vitamins, minerals, and amino acids increases, as a result of the change in the feeding system on the one hand, and the lack of dietary diversity and sources of these elements with the receding of pastures.

In addition, with the decrease in temperatures and the advent of weather changes, the need for vitamins and energy increases, which requires studying the provided feed well and supplementing it with feed additives (minerals and vitamins).


The addition of vitamins to the feed mix contributes to: 

 Raising animal immunity

 Increase appetite for feed

Increased rates of weight gain

Compensation for all forms of nutritional deficiencies that may lead to the emergence of various diseases, especially respiratory diseases, during the winter season

For pregnant animals: obtaining healthy, disease-free, and strong-bodied babies


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