The worms and parasites in the albal are dangerous and their causes

الديدان والطفيليات المعويه في الإبل خطورتها واسبابها -


There are types of parasites and worms in the stomach and intestines

These parasites are very dangerous as they involve the animal in eating its food, which leads to serious infections that may lead to aggravating diseases and may lead to ulcers in the stomach and intestines. 


There are intestinal and tape parasites, and there are what are known as cylindrical parasites, the most dangerous of which is what affects camels with a state of physical weakness, emaciation, and sometimes hair loss 

Also, there is a decrease in the concentration of protein and red blood cells, because these parasites suck a lot of blood from the infected animal, which causes anemia through which camels may die if the condition worsens without early treatment.

One of the severe symptoms of this disease is severe constipation accompanied by a lack of appetite, and with the passage of a short time the condition turns into severe diarrhea, and this diarrhea may be accompanied by blood 

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