The importance of protein in cat food and the best species

اهمية البروتين في طعام القطط وافضل الانواع -


Cats need protein, just as humans need it, so it is important that it be available in cat food in an appropriate proportion and high quality, as proteins are the basic building blocks for the organs and tissues of the body, including cartilage, tendons, skin, hair, blood, muscles, and the heart. All its benefits, so we will show you during this article what is the importance of protein in eating cats of all kinds

The importance of protein in cat food

 Proteins also act like enzymes, hormones, and antibodies, and unlike a carnivore, a cat's body is specially prepared; To digest and consume protein, and this does not mean that cats are unable to digest carbohydrates or other nutrients, but rather it means that cats need to obtain balanced nutrition suitable for them, as they get protein of high quality, in addition to what they need from minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates, fats and more

 Protein is the most important source of energy for cats, and unlike other species; Cat liver enzymes break down proteins; For energy, maintaining blood sugar levels, and in the event that she does not get enough protein food; Their bodies begin to break down their muscle tissue; to meet its needs for amino acids and protein; Therefore, it is necessary to contain the protein component on a daily basis, which is divided into basic components; They are known as amino acids, as the cat's body absorbs them and uses them by creating new proteins or feeding other bodily processes.

Why do cats need protein more than dogs?

 Cats are very similar to their wild ancestors, whose diet was based on Rodents small ones, such as mice, rabbits, birds, frogs, insects, and reptiles; Therefore, they need a much greater percentage of protein than dogs need, because cats depend on it; For energy, when available, plus more of some of the amino acids you need to build muscle and fuel bodily processes. It requires two of them, taurine and arginine, which you get from animal tissues


It is an amino acid that is particularly important for eye and heart health, and is also very important for the normal reproduction and growth of cats. Although cats manufacture small amounts of taurine; However, it is not sufficient for the needs of its body, as the deficiency of this element; May cause blindness in cats, due to central retinal degeneration, heart failure, reproductive failure, as well as developmental abnormalities of the central nervous system


lack of this element; It causes high levels of ammonia in the blood; causing neurological symptoms; Lead to epileptic seizures, and may cause death

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