What is the abdominal retraction in Falcon ?

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Pneumonia is known to me as a breeder Falcon In the Arabian Gulf, it is known as the belly mite or the hollow mite, which is one of the deadly diseases that kill falcons, as it affects a large percentage of them as a result of the unhealthy environmental conditions in which they live. Falcon Especially during the estrus period as well as a result of the multiplicity of types of germs that cause the disease and despite the difference and variance in the location and degree of infection, it differs from one case to another, but it gives symptoms that resemble each other in most cases. The droppings of the sprayed falcon are light green with a bluish color, while its real symptoms and in the early stages of the disease, which may not be noticed by the breeder, are represented by loss of appetite, complete and sudden cessation of eating, or vomiting by the infected falcon shortly after eating it. Food These symptoms may be accompanied by the appearance of mucous secretions from the nostrils, in addition to the occurrence of a clear change on the face of the falcon if the breeder carefully observes it and for a longer period than he is accustomed to during the killing season.

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