How do you feed your dead dog and take good care of him

بماذا تغذي كلبك اليتيم الفاقد لامه وكيف تعتني به جيدا -

What fed my newborn orphan dog?

Complete feeding of a newborn orphan puppy should be provided with a natural milk substitute until the puppy is about three weeks of age. At this age, puppies are ready to start catching Food wet steel

The preferred food is the commercial dog milk substitute for small dogs that is sold in stores

If you have a young puppy that has lost its mother, you must feed it immediately before it dies 

There are some basics for dealing with small dogs in this situation

The puppy should be placed on its stomach and never on its back like children

After finishing feeding, gently wipe his back

When do you feed the puppy?

Less than 3 days: every two or two and a half hours, day and night

(10 to 12 servings)

- From 3 to 7 days: every two or two and a half hours during the day and two meals at night, 4 hours apart

(8 to 9 meals)

- From one to two weeks: every 3 hours during the day and once at night, 6 hours after the last meal

(from 6 to 7 meals)

From 3 to 5 weeks: every 4 hours during the day

(5 meals of milk + a little bit of Food steel)

- From 6 to 8 weeks: 1 to 2 meals of milk and 4 meals of solid food

From 1 to 7 days: from 5 to 10 ml

From 8 to 14 days: from 15 to 50 ml

From 15 to 21 days: 35 to 90 ml From 22 days to 8 weeks: 45 to 125 ml

Cleaning the puppy and urging him to take out

After each meal, the places of excretion should be wiped with a cotton ball slightly dampened with warm water, because puppies under the age of 3 or 4 weeks cannot excrete on their own.

Most puppies will not defecate after every meal, but they should urinate after every meal

Normal stools are brownish-yellow and have the consistency of paste

Urine should be light yellow or clear

- Clean the puppy's body with a piece of cotton dampened with a little warm water, then dry it with a towel

- Do not bathe the puppy before completing the first two vaccinations, and do not use anti-insect medicines intended for dogs before the age of 6 weeks. If you find insects in the puppy, just remove them with your hand until it reaches the age of 6 weeks.

Weaning the puppy

Weaning the puppy begins at the age of 3 or 4 weeks, by feeding it a little boiled chicken with rice and carrots, ground in a blender, or a little dry food after placing it in a little warm water and then mashing it. From the age of 6 weeks, some other foods can be gradually introduced. The puppy is weaned at the age of 8 weeks

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