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Calf Guard 30 ml -

Calf Guard 30 ml

47.25 د.إ.
Price and specifications of birth control  Neonatal juice is a veterinary juice, used to stimulate the immune system. Dosage and method of using newborn juice  Dosage in calves at 2-3...
LACTO plus Vit -

Milk plus Vit

63.00 د.إ.
Price and specifications of Lacto Plus Fit  Lacto Plus Vit is used in ketosis. Lacto Plus Vit can be used if the cow is fat. Dosage and method of use...
NANOGEL Cool Blue 600ml -

NANOGEL Cool Blue 600ml

89.25 د.إ.
Nano gel price and specifications Nano Gel Heating gel with eucalyptus and Japanese mint oil. Nanogel contains substances that have a strong effect on and improves body elasticity. Nano Gel product...
NANOGEL Mix Green 600ml -

NANOGEL Mix Green 600ml

89.25 د.إ.
Price and specifications of green nano gel Green Nano Gel is a muscle relaxant massage cream. Nano gel is used in sports horses. Nano Gel is used after strenuous workouts...