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BOSS 50 ml -

BOSS 50 ml

94.50 د.إ.
Inch price and specifications Poss is an injection solution for the treatment and prevention of internal and external parasites. Dosage and method of use Bose is used by subcutaneous injection....
CORPORAL 1 liter -

CORPORAL 1 liter

78.75 د.إ.
Corporal price and specifications  Corporal is a solution of mineral salts, containing albendazole, efamsol, and various mineral salts such as: sodium, magnesium, and potassium. Corporal helps support the animal and...
MARATHON LA injection 50 ml -

MARATHON LA injection 50 ml

94.50 د.إ.
Marathon price and specifications Marathon is a long-acting injectable solution. Marathon is used as an antidote to internal parasites and myiasis in sheep. Dosage and method of use Marathon Marathon...