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Locatim 60ml

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Locatem price and specifications 

  • Locatim is intended to reduce mortality due to enteric poisoning associated with E.coli F5 (K99) during the first days of life as a supplement to maternal cholesterim milk.
  • Locatem serum contains high levels of IgG against E. coli strain K99.
  • One dose is equivalent to a specific level of E. coli immunoglobulin present in 6 liters of natural colestrum milk, so it is used to reduce the mortality rate in newborn calves less than 12 hours, due to E. coli-associated enteric poisoning.

Dosage and method of use of Locatim 

  • Locatim is given orally directly, or mixed with milk.
  • Dosage: 60 ml during the first 4 hours of birth.
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