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Wisbroek Ibis-Flamingo Floating Pellets 15 KG

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Complete extruded feed for ibises, spoonbills and flamingos.

Wisbroek Ibis Floating is a 6mm extruded feed, specially developed for ibises, spoonbills and flamingos. Wisbroek Ibis Floating offers...
Perfect digestion and contains fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and other necessary ingredients.

Key Features:

  • 6mm extruded feed for optimal digestibility.
  • High fat, low protein for a protein saving effect and an ideal protein/energy ratio for birds in their maintenance conditions.
  • Contains a high percentage of fish/shrimp meal and fish oil.
  • It can be fed both dry and wet, the best way is to provide dry feed to your birds.
  • Birds accept it easily because of its richness in fish oil.
  • - Diversity of raw materials to become complete fodder that does not require any additives.
  • Use linseed oil and fish oil to add plenty of omega-3 fatty acids to the feed.
  • Using raw materials rich in natural carotenoids (linseed, shrimp meal, spirulina and corn) this feed will enhance the natural coloring of birds.

the components:
Wheat, poultry meal, fish flour, shrimp meal, barley, corn, wheat germ, fish oil, extracted soy protein, linseed, poultry fat, beet pulp, spirulina, blend of vitamins and minerals.

Nutrition guide:
Depending on the season, ibis, spoonbills and flamingos need 20-40 g feed/kg body weight per day. Birds in winter will need more feed than in spring or summer, mainly due to higher maintenance requirements and the absence of natural feed additives (insects, moss, sprouts, grass or seeds) in winter. Dehydration is the best way to provide feed for your birds.

If desired (as a delicacy) a small amount of fish/shrimp can be fed supplementally.

*This product contains ingredients of animal or marine origin and is not intended as food for animals intended for human consumption or whose products are intended for human consumption. This product contains antioxidants and preservatives.

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