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Aluminium Spray 200ml -

Aluminium Spray 200ml

49.50 د.إ.
Price and specifications of aluminum sprayer Aluminum spray helps treat and prevent wounds. Dosage and method of using aluminum spray Aluminum spray is used once or twice daily. It is...
Depedin Veyx 50ml -

Depedin Veyx 50ml

154.00 د.إ.
Price and specifications of Debedin Fix Dipidine Fix is ​​an antibiotic, which contains dexamethasone and prednisolone. Dipidine Fix is ​​used in cases of hyperesthesia in the blood, postpartum paralysis, tetanus,...
Jecuplex 500ml -

Jecuplex 500ml

93.50 د.إ.
Geckoplex price and specifications Gicoplex is a nutritional supplement used to reduce the risk of ketosis by protecting and stimulating the liver. Geckoplex is used for dairy cows, ewes, horses,...
Nekro Veyxym 100ml -

Nekro Veyxym 100ml

275.00 د.إ.
Price and specifications of Necro Fixim Necrofixime is an anti-inflammatory used in cattle, calves, sheep, goats, camels, and horses. Necrofixime is used as a treatment to stimulate immunity, and enzymes...
Trimetox 240 100ml -

Trimetox 240 100ml

66.00 د.إ.
Trimetox price and specifications Trimetox is an antibiotic, which contains sulfadoxine and trimethoprim. Trimetox is used to treat infectious diseases in the early stage of infection caused by agents sensitive...
Veyxyl LA 20% 100ml -

Veyxyl LA 20% 100ml

71.50 د.إ.
Price and specifications of Vixil Ct 20% Vixil is a long-acting antibiotic. It is used to treat bacterial infections, especially respiratory infections, urinary tract infections, and gastrointestinal infections. Vixil is...