The most dangerous infectious disease in sheep

أخطر الأمراض المعدية في الأغنام -

Most infectious disease in sheep

Infectious diseases are rapidly spreading diseases, and infection with them is collective to the whole herd, and most of them have a preventive immunization to prevent infection with them, and these are the most dangerous and widespread:

1- Sheeppox

2- Anthrax

3- Foot and mouth disease

4- Clostridium diseases

1- Sheeppox:

A rapidly spreading viral disease that causes huge losses, including the death of young lambs and a decrease in production.

The symptoms of this disease appear on the animal's skin in the form of pills that are red at first, then fill with yellow fluids and explode, leaving a crust that falls off after two weeks. This disease can only be eradicated by preventive vaccination once a year.

2- Anthrax (charcoal fever):

A bacterial disease that causes the sudden death of sheep. It is a common disease between humans and animals. Its most important symptom is the sudden death of sheep, and the rapid swelling of the animal after death, with black foamy blood coming out of the mouth, nose, and anus.

This disease has no cure, but the herd can be prevented from it through periodic vaccination annually. It is not recommended to open carcasses to prevent the spread of the disease.

3- Foot and mouth disease:

A viral disease that affects sheep and their newborns, and its symptoms are the appearance of aphthous lesions on the oral mucosa, which makes the sheep refrain from eating Food It can be prevented with preventive vaccination every six months.

4- Multiple Clostridium diseases:

Treatment does not help, but there is a preventive immunization every six months, and this affects ewes, lambs and rams.

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