Some advice on feeding racing camels

بعض النصائح في تغذية هجن السباقات -

Some advice on feeding racing camels

.to talk nonsenseCamel is the preferred food for horses, and contains the largest proportion of carbohydrates (starch) and some proteins and minerals

Vitamins and salts are given to the mount as long as there is no deficiency, especially before and after the time of exertion (displaced and charred). Here it must be emphasized that these substances do not increase the ability of the mount to run, but only maintain its performance. Increased doses always lead to a weakening of the mount's operation, especially salts because they are Change in the concentration of fluids in the body, especially the blood

The water should be clean and warm (not cold and not hot) and the tank should be clean especially of bird droppings and animal dander

One of the very important factors in the safety of the mount and the strength of its running is the safety of the airway from diseases, mucous secretions, infections and tumors, and the veterinarian must be consulted if there is a disease in the airway

The atrophy of the hump of the hem is an indication of its fit, but care must be taken not to lose it and starve it to the point of emaciation (ribs clearly visible)

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