Reasons for non-pregnancy in cows (although signage shows)

أسباب  عدم الحمل في الابقار (رغم ظهور علامات الشياع) -

Reasons for non-pregnancy in cows (despite the appearance of signs of estrus)

The presence of inflammation in the uterus may be apparent or not

 The insemination was done at an inappropriate time, early or late, and does not coincide with the time of ovulation. the right time within 24 hours

Incompetence of the pollinator

Use of invalid straws

The presence of old infections in the uterus, dystocia, or placenta retention cause uterine fibrosis to different degrees

 Using medicines in the wrong way

 Deficiency in various nutritional values ​​(protein - energy - vitamins - minerals - amino acids)

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