The reasons for the loss of appetite at horses and how to treat it

أسباب فقدان الشهية عند الخيول وكيفية علاجه -

There are many reasons that cause loss of appetite in horses, and these reasons are as follows

Deficiency of phosphorous, salt, iron and copper minerals

Deficiency of some vitamins

nutritional deficiencies

behavioral changes

Parasite infection

How to treat anorexia in horses

Treatment depends on the diagnosis, and if a sick horse is found to be deficient in minerals, vitamins or diet, it will need nutritional supplements, vitamins and a modified diet. There are salt cubes that the horse may enjoy and benefit from. If the vet thinks the horse He behaves well because he is bored, he may suggest increasing his exercise, and the horse needs to spend less time in the stall, and horses are social animals, and they need socialization to avoid behavior problems

It is important to provide a variety of fresh fodder, vegetables, carrots and apples in addition to his regular diet in the form of pellets. Horses suffering from parasites will also need to be dewormed. Regular deworming is required to avoid reinfection. Stalls will also need cleaning. Manure must be removed daily from stalls and pastures to avoid parasites, and surgery will be required in horses with intestinal stones

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