Fitness in camel racing

اللياقة في سباقات الهجن -

Fitness in camel racing

Some details of the exercises necessary to raise the level of physical fitness required to reach the readiness to participate in camel races, whether it is in the saddle or mounted after the awakening, the process of acquiring fitness begins gradually according to the following steps

Light walk: It is the normal walk behind the calf for distances starting with 5 km per day and continuing for several weeks and gradually until it reaches the total. More than 20 kilometers per day at the age of squint, and this distance is usually divided into two periods, morning and evening

Strong Almsarah: It is a mixture between normal and fast walking. It has a great role in raising the fitness of riding and accustoming it to endurance and intensification of its muscles. Usually the groveling begins during the second month (the fifth week from the beginning of the stage), and the rambling distance is about half the distance. A blood test every two weeks to ensure that the camel has not started to show deficiencies, and if deficiencies appear, give vitamins and other nutrients on the go to keep you fit and healthy.

Homeless: After completing approximately 8 to 10 weeks of light and strong stage, the stage of real racing simulation begins, and the first of these stages is sprinting and usually starts with a distance shorter than the running distance appropriate to the age of riding and then increases the distance until it reaches a distance longer than the distance

The goal is to run twice a week for about a month without installing a robot, and perhaps a headset helps at this stage and precedes the day of the homeless, a day of stimulation, rest, and reduced eating and drinking.

Mufahim: It is a real simulation like camel racing, and it must contain all the factors present in a real race, starting from the equal distance of the Mufaham

As for the running distance, the installation of the robot on the back of the stand, the crowding of people, cars, fixtures, stimulation, all to show all the possibilities of the stand after a long care and preparation and preparation is usually done once a week, after a rest day, blood test, stimulation and cleaning

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