The reasons for the lack of appetite and the lack of eating at your farm

اسباب نقص الشهيه وقلة تناول العلف في مزرعتك -

Decreased feed withdrawal and poor appetite

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 Increasing the proportion of soft in the loving feed

The presence of a strange taste in the feed as a result of poor storage and rancidity of oils

 If the grains of feed are large and solid and not suitable for the age of the birds

Changing the feed from one company to another or from a starter to a developer suddenly can reduce the withdrawal of feed for several days until the chicks get used to the new feed.

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High temperature of incubating eggs in the laboratory 

This causes poor appetite and a delay in weights throughout the cycle, because it reduces the activity of the appetite center and increases the activity of the satiety center in the brain

 Infection of chicks with diseases transmitted from the mother, such as mycoplasma, salmonella, Rio, and avian anemia

Stress and parenting problems 

 Amber temperature rise



Lack of waterers and feeders

This leads to a decrease in appetite, movement, activity, and absorption of nutrients from the intestines, and thus the withdrawal of feed and conversion is bad.

There are water problems 

Excess iron or chlorine in drinking water

The use of bitter medicine in drinking water can temporarily reduce feed withdrawal while using the medicine

The presence of pathological problems in the farm such as coccidiosis, clostridia or viral diseases .... reduces the withdrawal of feed to varying degrees, and the withdrawal of feed may be reduced by 80% in the case of acute influenza

If the feed withdrawal is weak, it is not recommended to overuse growth stimulants and appetite stimulants, because they are not very useful. 

The use of growth and appetite stimulants without treatment is the cause of poor appetite. Sometimes a temporary improvement works in withdrawing feed while using the medicine, and sometimes it is a waste of time, effort and money without result.

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