The most important beneficial herbs for birds read the following

اهم الاعشاب المفيده للعصافير اقرأ التالي -


Bird breeders are looking for appropriate bird food, which ensures their proper and healthy growth, works to improve their health, and reduce their incidence of diseases, and during this article we will show you what are the most important herbs And plants useful for birds, which can be relied upon to provide nectar for hummingbirds, as some herbs have aromatic therapeutic properties, and birds prefer to eat them.


Birds feed on sunflower seeds during their long migration journeys, and this type of seed is produced specifically in the western, central, and eastern United States, and these seeds are one of the favorite types of birds eating.

Oak trees

Many birds are preferred; Oak trees, because of the wonderful summer shade they provide, as they resort to the cavities in them to nest, and establish a shelter for them, as they are attracted to insects, and the acorns that are abundant on these trees.

green thyme

Green thyme contains thymol, which is characterized by its effectiveness in killing microbes and cleansing the stomach of microbes, in addition to carvacrol, which has a calming and antiseptic effect, and it also has an important role in eliminating bacteria and many types of viruses.


purple hemp

Purple hemp attracts goldfinches and other birds during the fall, and is a wonderful native plant that grows in the plains.


Watercress has leaves with a pungent taste like mustard, and it can be used as a diuretic and laxative, and it can also be relied upon to help birds digest food and treat colds, and it helps feathers grow faster, purifies the blood, and works to rid the body of toxins. It acts as an appetite suppressant for the bird, an analgesic for pain, and increases its fertility rate. It is also anti-constipation.


The most important compounds of flaxseed are protein, linolenic acid, linamarine glucose, and fixed oil at a rate ranging from forty to fifty percent, which makes it an oilseed, and it includes saturated fats that birds need, such as Oiga-3, which has a role in maintaining the bird’s physical health. , and sexual, as it strengthens the arteries, and the heart muscle


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