The most infected viral diseases in the dogs are identified

الأمراض الفيروسية الاكثر إصابه في الكلاب تعرف عليها -


1- Viral enteritis pneumonia

Among its symptoms are severe bloody diarrhea with inflammation in the upper respiratory tract, especially affecting young dogs (puppies) after the age of two months. Therefore, puppies must be vaccinated at the age of one and a half to two months as a first booster dose, then after that they are vaccinated every year as a booster dose.

2- Viral hepatitis 

It is a viral disease that affects young and old dogs, and one of its most important symptoms is that the dog has lost its appetite and the mucous membranes are yellow in color, and it vomits any liquid it ingests and becomes unable to move in jest. year as a booster dose  

3-Viral enteritis

It is caused by a virus from the parvo family, which is a serious disease that affects the digestive system, especially in puppies, causing a rupture in the intestinal wall, leading to severe, bloody diarrhea that is difficult to treat. Therefore, vaccination must be done at the age of one and a half to two months as a first dose that is repeated after a month as a second booster dose, then after that it is repeated every year as a dose. Refresher

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