Horse worms

ديدان الخيول -


An intestinal parasitic infection of the equine species characterized by severe itching around the anus 

:the reason

Roundworms found in the large intestine, especially in the rectum. The length of the male is 1.5 cm and the female is 15 cm.

How to get infected

After fertilization, the male dies, the female comes out of the anus and wanders in the area around the anus, where her eggs stick to the skin. After a while, the eggs fall to the ground and become the infective phase by swallowing them. Food Or drink, and the larvae come out upon reaching the small intestine, where a period of time remains until the larvae reach the large intestine and become fully developed and need 4-5 months to lay eggs. 


When the eggs stick to the skin, they cause severe irritation in the skin, which prompts the horse to rub its back against the walls, and the tail appears as if it is not combed. You can also see groups of eggs with a yellowish-white color around the anus and under the tail. 

 Appearance of worms or clusters of eggs around the anus and under the tail

Microscopic examination of the stool and the appearance of oval eggs

Treatment and prevention 

Infected cases are treated with anti-parasitic drugs such as Albendazole orally 

Inject the animal with ivermectin 

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