الالتهاب الرئوي -


 It is a disease spread among young calves, and it is a serious disease if it is not treated properly and has serious consequences for the herd and can sometimes lead to death. 

:the reasons 

Lack of mineral salts and vitamins in the diet. The main cause of the disease is cold, dampness, lack of ventilation in the farm, and extreme temperature changes between day and night. . And inhaling some irritating gases (ammmonia and sulfur). There are some parasites that cause pneumonia (such as lungworms), as well as pneumonia due to pathogenic germs 


Coughing and intensifying when moving and drinking water The general condition of the animal is bad and it refuses to eat feed and lies on the ground. Nasal mucous discharge is noted. . This disease lasts for a long time, and the animal weakens and stops growing, after which it dies 

Treatment: according to the cause 

 Bacteria: Antibiotics such as tylosin 

Parasites: Antiparasites such as ivermectin

 Viral: give supportive treatment such as antibiotics to prevent secondary bacterial infections, and in all cases give antihistamines or bronchodilators, or according to the case 

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