Acute uterine inflammation

الالتهاب الرحمى الحاد -

Acute uterine inflammation

It often appears immediately after birth (2-10 days after birth, with an incidence of 10%) and symptoms
 A rise in temperature
 Loss of appetite in the affected animal
 Lack of milk production
 An increase in breathing and heart rate
 Uterine secretions with a foul smell, dark in color, may tend to yellow or dark red in color, accompanied by large amounts of pus
The animal is not able to stand much and shows signs of diarrhea as a result of bacterial poisoning


The history of the case, which is often a difficult birth, retention of the placenta, or wrong intervention for a long time
 The period of onset of symptoms (2-10 days after birth)
 We must distinguish between acute uterine inflammation and mastitis in this case


We deal here with the case as a case of acute bacterial poisoning
Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory
 Intravenous glucose solution (glucose 25%) 2 liters
Calcium progluconate (noting the heartbeat when injecting and warming it to the animal's temperature before injection and very slowly)
A broad spectrum antibiotic 
Emptying the uterus of its contents by one of the following methods: injecting the hormone oxytocin in the first two days after childbirth, and then injecting ergometrine
 Prostagland injection

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