Horse feeding

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Horse feeding is an important part of its upbringing. where it goes down Food The horse has direct access to what is known as the small stomach, passing through the small intestine. Therefore, the horse lacks the presence of muscles in its stomach, which makes it lose the ability to vomit if it eats some fermented foods, such as stored fodder.

It is recommended to provide fodder, vitamins, minerals, and grains to maintain a balanced diet for the horse, and the fodder is considered the main food source for the horse that can meet most of the needs of its diet, and the source of these fodders can be natural pastures in which there are herbs, legumes, or straw that should be Preserve it in a good way so that it is not exposed to damage and rot

A balanced and varied diet must be provided to feed the horse, such as corn grain and barley. This is to ensure a rapid increase in the weight of the horse, and to give it more health, strength, and fattening it. It is also recommended to add some materials rich in vitamins, such as soybean meal, and make it part of the horse food. In addition to that, sufficient quantities of Food Within multiple meals, and finding enough space to feed all the horses in the barn, you must also take into account the provision of these foods in appropriate containers, and avoid placing them on the ground; To ensure that the health of the horse is not endangered

Horses need to drink large quantities of water every day, and these quantities range from 38 to 45 liters of water for horses that weigh approximately 450 kilograms, and with these large quantities of water that horses need, that water that contains some mineral salts Light must be clean, uncontaminated, and available regularly to horses. A lack of drinking water for horses may cause more problems than a shortage Food for her

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